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One of the traditional  Restaurant in Darmstadt


It was built in 1901 as a restaurant. It opened on May 11th, through Mr. Wilhelm Hohlfeld, then his doors for the first time. Hundreds of people from Darmstadt made the pilgrimage to the banquet and enjoyed the ambience, which was unique at the time. But happiness didn't last long. During and after the Second World War, the Americans confiscated the building and used it to house the soldiers. After the Americans left, it was converted into a home for German refugees. Then it was quiet for a long time around the now dilapidated walls at the Steinbrücker Teich, big plans for an inn failed, among other things, because the sewage had to be pumped over the hump to Darmstadt in a pipe that was specially designed for the new building. But some idealists from the municipal building administration, including the head of the building department at the time, Dr. Herbert Reißer wanted to do it themselves and without a lot of money. The project then foundered on the cost of sanitation, but the house was now partially usable and the ball was rolling.


On March 15, 1975, the premiere finally took place in the rebuilt Oberwaldhaus. Walkers and day trippers had their popular resting place again. However, over the years it went downhill.
The city, as the owner, had trouble with the tenants, and there were many changes. In autumn 1985 the restaurant was closed due to overdue payments. The city decided to sell the Oberwaldhaus. In February 1986 the time had come, our family moved

Andelko & Radvanka Sosic became the new owners. 

The reopening was shortly thereafter in July 1986. 


To this day we run the traditional house, in the heart of the very popular destination 'am Steinbrücker Teich', for the townspeople from the Rhine-Main region.


The house is also known as the location for the then popular Drombusch series.
The Oberwaldhaus was repeatedly rated as highly recommended by "RHEIN-MAIN GEHT AUS" (Rhine-Main Goes Out).

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